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Read Intro from the story Teen titans and Young justice Truth or Dare by PPTTBG22 with reads. starfire, beastboy, robin. ME: Hey guys it me PPTTBG22, and *takes deep breath* Kid flash, superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis, Zatanna, Nightwing meet Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and beast boy. Robin, Starfire, Raven. zatanna and dick | scans_daily | Young Justice #20 (or Young Justice Invasion #1).

I do not own BB and Zatanna, they belong to DC and Warner Bros. Enjoy. /. Beast Boy ponders about the costume choices, as he finally founds who he's going to dress up as. "Yeah this one's good." Beast Boy concludes as he hears the crack of his bedroom door opens, which he turns around and saw. I do not own BB, Zatanna, or anything else from DC. Enjoy. /. Around December, it was Christmas time around the Tower as the Titans start celebrating the holidays. Beast Boy is sadden that it's the winter season as Jump begins to snow, meaning Zatanna has to cover her legs up when they go out. Luckily.

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