How Should A Gamer Girl Be?

Lifelong gamers have a respect for the classics. Even if they weren't born in time to catch the Atari or the arcade boom in prime, there's a good chance a true gamer has sought out the retro scene through laborious collecting or emulation. Folks who've never heard of a ColecoVision or a Commodore. Women and girls who play video games are up against a lot: one-dimensional female protagonists, sexual harassment by male gamers, objectification, and a litany of weirdly specific — and impossible to fulfill — criteria for what "real" gamer girls should be. If male gamers and nerds have always, to some.

I don't think everyone who calls themselves gamer girls think like this but I have a strong suspicion it derives from this thing were some girls have a need to state how different they are from other girls, you know the kinda "She wears high heels and short skirts, I wear sneakers and sweat pants" as if that. Here is my Totally Legit™ guide on how to be a REAL gamer girl! There are strict rules and you must follow them.

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