Leaking nipples and labour..

Stimulation from sex, exercise, or just washing your breasts can lead to some leaking of harmless secretions. Sometimes this can be awkward - or leaky - but it's just your body's way of knowing what to do when a baby needs milk! Fortunately, most women find that their nipples do toughen up a bit in just a few weeks, and as Baby grows and her mouth gets bigger, you might find even more comfort, as she latches on more.

Though it can be uncomfortable — and potentially embarrassing — leaking, spraying, or dripping breasts are both common and normal in the weeks (and sometimes even months) after delivery. The reason for all this dampness? It's your body's way What you can do about leaking breasts: Stock up on nursing pads. Okay. Dont Miss Out! Subscribe for New Vlogs Every Day at 9am PST Come be apart of our life: Main Channel: https.

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