17 Things Everyone Growing Out A Pixie Cut Should Know

If handled correctly, the growing-out-your-pixie look can be chic and youthful, and we've rounded up 10 hairstyles to inspire you along the way. From short to long, learn how to keep your haircut flattering at every stage of the growing out process.

The pixie cut craze is under way, and while celebrities like Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, and Zoë Kravitz look amazing with theirs, from personal experience, I know that growing out such a short haircut can be a struggle. Here's how to grow out your pixie more gracefully (like Natalie Portman) and less like a. Reduce actions that can damage your hair. In order to make your hair grow out faster, you need to keep your hair as healthy and hydrated as possible. Applying heat, dye, and certain hair products to your hair in excess can cause individual strands to dry and break, thereby.

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