Coloradan Apologizes After 1.9 Million Photobucket Accounts Hacked

A collection of photographs from the Photobucket profile of a user targeted by "fuskers."Photobucket. Two men in the US are facing up to 15 years in federal prison in connection to the development of a piece of software that was able to automatically hack into the private online photo albums of women and. Do not post, link to, or ask for personal information; No trolling, hate speech, or using slurs; Do not insult other users, flamewar, or flame bait; Do not /u/ summon users from linked threads; Do not vote or comment in threads you've found through SRD; Novelty accounts are not welcome in /r/SubredditDrama.

I think I've been hacked! My pictures are gone! Take a deep breath and don't panic! Log in to Photobucket and change your password immediately. We also recommend you change your registered email address. Your email account may have been compromised as well! Note: We are very sorry, but images that are lost. I've read that is a software to hack private Photobucket accounts but i dont want to download anything without being sure about its not a virus. Someone tried it? Nice compilation Terkan, especially those engorged pregnant tits.: X Photofucket is pretty much the same thing as NavNet. If you're afraid it has a virus you can.

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